Pack Your Bag

As been asked to write more about what I take usually with me on my trips, I decided finally to make a one-for-all post to share with you my secret to the Perfect-Bag. Obviously it’s different from one trip to another, for instance, you won’t need a sunblock cream if you go into a forest in winter but, nevertheless, here are my top 7 items That I never leave for any trip without them.

  1. Hat/Cap

No wonder it comes in the last position, as some of you might say that it is not necessary but IT IS. In summer, you can use it to protect your head and your eyes from the burning sun and on the other hand, in winter, it becomes so handy against the rain if you don’t want to be all wet from head to toe. Or you can use it to get a special hairstyle and to be cool, just like me.

  1. Headphones

Philips SH3201 Earhook

Actually, I don’t go anywhere without my headphones even if I knew that I won’t use them. It just became a habit for me. Meanwhile, on a trip, especially if you are going to do lots of walking or stay alone for a while, headphones become your best-friend. Just don’t forget to bring some good music.

My recommended headphones/earphones: “Philips SH3201 Earhook” – Cheap, small and don’t fall at all from your ear even if you run with it (the idea of an Earhook). You can find them for £7.29 on Amazon.

  1. A Book

Just before going to sleep is the best time for a quick reading to help getting you out of the fatigue and the tiredness to a whole new world. The best company in bed would be a small torch with a pocket-book.

I’m reading now: A Song of Fire and Ice: A Game of Thrones – Volume 1, but sometimes I just use this short period before sleeping, while on a trip, to learn the Spanish language with: L’Espagnole pour les nuls (Spanish for Dummies – French Version).

  1. Wipes and/or hand gel

Ok, let’s face it. I’m a neat-freak. I like everything to be clean around me. Therefore, Wipes are the best invention for a Tripper. You can clean your hands, a table, a spoon, toilets (Very Important !!), shoes…. etc. Pretty much everything. So I always keep a small pack, made specifically for travelers, in my bag just in case. Who knows.

I prefer using Dettol brand for both Wipes and Hand gel. Although, there are other very good brands in the market that are cheaper.

  1. Cream and Lotions


Regularly keep in mind that you will desire a smooth touch on your hand and your face along with some hydration to your skin. Whenever it’s summer or winter (Yes, for me the year is divided into only 2 seasons) you have to offer some hydration to your body to keep you in a good shape using a Cream or a Lotion as you prefer.

I use a set of products from Yves Rocher. I always get the small bottles of 30ml which are very convenient for my bag.

  1. Camera

Unless you have the latest iPhone in the market, you might consider getting yourself a Camera. Some moments with your family/friends have to be captured. Also, if you are an “outdoorsman”, you might encounter some Panoramic scenes that you don’t want just to pass-by. Nowadays, there is this “GoPro” madness. It costs a fortune while you can find an equivalent that costs you only 25% of the price of a GoPro. If you don’t own a camera now, think wisely before choosing one. Look at what your purpose will be from using it to get the one that fits you right.

I use my Camera “Fujifilm FinePix S8500” which my dad gave me as a gift. It is perfect for taking photos with a far zoom.

  1. Phone/Charger/Power-Bank

And our winner for the top 7 items is, for sure, your mobile phone. You never know when you will need it. To call a friend for a chat or your mom to assure her that everything is “Awrigh” (that’s how to pronounce “Alright” with a Glaswegian (Scottish) accent) or even to call for help in case you are in trouble. It can be used as a Camera to take some snaps when you don’t have the time to take out your camera or to take some selfies. Moreover, you can store your favorite music on it and use it as your IPod/Mp3 player. Well, I’m not here to tell you how your phone works but to tell you that a Power-Bank is a must today. If you are in the middle of a forest and your phones runs out of batteries, here it comes so handy. Find yourself a cheap but efficient one and you won’t regret it.

That sums up my Top 7 items to pack for your trip, in addition to, your clothes, food, water and drinks and your 1st Aid-kit.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it wasn’t too long. If you have any questions/comments, don’t hesitate to post them. Have a nice Week-End ^^


3 thoughts on “Pack Your Bag

    1. Thanks so much ! Since I always prepare the food and the drinks apart from my packbag, I always end up buying a couple of small water bottles but actually your idea is way better. I would do this the next time, it will save me some money ^^ thanks again 🙂


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