Le Mont Valier

I finally did it ! at the age of 21, I climbed my first summmmmmmmmmmmmit. Ok, let me just catch my breath (So exciteeeeeeed) and I will tell you all about it. I’m no pro-climber or anything but to reach 2838m above the sea level is something you want to make sure everyone knows about it. It might seem not that high but IT IS. So, sit back and enjoy the fairytale.

Last weekend, we went to celebrate my Girlfriend’s dad birthday by surprising him with a 2-days hiking trip (He is the biggest mountain lover I’ve ever seen). In the beginning, I thought it would be like a small hiking as we usually do but then I realized that no it was NOT. They told me that we will climb the top of the “Mount Valier” which is in the French Pyrenees. Imagine my reaction, I don’t know anything about climbing and they tell me let’s go for a mountain TOP.

Exactly my reaction at that moment

We went through forests, waterfalls, slippy rocks in good and bad weather conditions. We spent one night in a shelter at 2246m above sea level where we shared a hot dinner with a couple of society games then we went to sleep to be prepared for the big day. The next morning, the sky was all blue and the scenery we had was absolutely unbelievable. We, then, took the road to the highest point of the Mount Valier which was at 2838m !!

I can’t tell you how I felt once I was there, I honestly don’t have the words to say it. I will let you watch this video and you can tell yourself.

That was really an Adventure of a Life Time. One must do it.

If you like it, please share with your friends so everyone can enjoy. Comments are more than welcome.

At 2838m of altitude – A group photo



5 thoughts on “Le Mont Valier

    1. Thank you Rikka ^^ Sure I can manage to write a wee post about what to bring and why for a 2 day trip in the Mountains as well in other places. Thank you for your comment and keep an eye on the blog for what’s coming next ! 😊😊


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