Leucate Beach

It was 31 DEGREES today! I’m sorry but I had to run away from the city and meet the nature in a calm blue beach on the Mediterranean Sea called “Leucate Plage”. Daphnée and I decided to go for what we call a Beach-Day.

Well, we didn’t prepare much actually. We went to a “Carrefour Market” to get some snacks just before taking the route and we stopped in a “McDonalds” for lunch. If you seek help preparing your beach bag for a day-trip, here is an essential checklist:

  • Sunglasses & a hat
  • Sunblock, sunscreen or tanning oil (depends on your skin and purposes)
  • An umbrella
  • A book & headphones
  • Snacks
  • Water and drinks
  • Portable charger for the geeks (the one with a solar panel is the best)

These were the basics that we took but you might like to add some other stuff depending on your needs.

This was all we had with us on the beach

Arriving after two long hours of driving (which Daphnée did of course because I accidently “forgot” my driving license at home, Oops), we took one hell of a spot just in front of the water. Surrounded by families, groups of friends and couples, we shared all a good moment there.

Then, comes the moment of truth when you go to the water but you still don’t know if it’s cold or not! But hey, C’mon, it’s the south of France, where the sun is always shinning and the sky is always blue. This part of the country is world widely famous for its beaches and its hot sea water. However, I think this rule applies only when celebrities are on the beach because for me the water was FREEZING, absolutely FREEZING! (which means I’m not a celebrity, YET).


Chatting, swimming and tanning then go over and over again. Time went by so fast and we had to head back home. Nevertheless, we had an amazing day and I had to share it with my lovely readers.

A wee poll : who does it better ?! – Answer in a comment.

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Have a nice Week-End ^^


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