Stirling, a small historical city in the centre of Scotland, widely famous for its medieval old town and its large fortress. Honestly saying, I’ve never heard of this city before going to Scotland, but things happen you know. So, as part of “I have to visit everything here before leaving” strategy, I found 2 friends to join me for my one day-trip to Stirling.

Starting the journey by going for the Cambuskenneth Abbey, then heading to the main monument of this Stone Age settlement area, the Wallace Monument. This one is situated on top of a hill, it means more and more of walking and climbing. But once you go up there, OMG!! The breath-taking view over the old town, especially on a not-rainy not-sunny day. The perfect spot for a couple of photos (if you go, take some because it’s worth it) before crossing all the city to Castle Hill where the Stirling Castle is holding position since the 16th century. Take a look at this wiki info about the history of the castle: .


Don’t forget to have a walk in the old town, the city-centre as well. There are more, of course, to visit in this lovely city but I think after the walk you will do between The Wallace Monument and the Stirling Castle, you might re-think about what you will do for the rest of the day.

Have a nice day, big man !



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