Who I am and Why I am here

Good Morning fellow readers, let me introduce myself first. My name is Amr, 21 years old and I live in Toulouse, France. I decided to start writing a blog to share all the wonderful moments I have been living with the whole world and also to give some advices about places I visited or events I participated. The blog is for you, guys, to see the world through my eyes. To see it like me.

Mainly, I have 3 categories in my blog. The first one is called ‘Trips & Tips’, I think the name is self-explanatory haha. The second deals with some experiences I had with restaurants, it’s more like I give recommendations about different places to eat, that’s ‘I speak food’ section. Last but not least, the ’24/7’ category is more about events, outings, and whatever I do with my life. C’mon don’t be shy, go take a look at them.


Everyone is welcome to read the posts. It’s not meant to be for a certain age or gender or anything. My life will be like a guide book for those who are out of ideas but would like to go for adventures and have fun in life.

My aim for next year is to have a small community of people who would like to travel around Europe and have some fun trips and share some good memories to be told to our kids one day.

I hope you enjoy my blog, any comments or sharing are more than appreciated. Bye Bye  🙂


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