Pack Your Bag

As been asked to write more about what I take usually with me on my trips, I decided finally to make a one-for-all post to share with you my secret to the Perfect-Bag. Obviously it’s different from one trip to another, for instance, you won’t need a sunblock cream if you go into a forest … More Pack Your Bag

Le Mont Valier

I finally did it ! at the age of 21, I climbed my first summmmmmmmmmmmmit. Ok, let me just catch my breath (So exciteeeeeeed) and I will tell you all about it. I’m no pro-climber or anything but to reach 2838m above the sea level is something you want to make sure everyone knows about it. It might … More Le Mont Valier

Leucate Beach

It was 31 DEGREES today! I’m sorry but I had to run away from the city and meet the nature in a calm blue beach on the Mediterranean Sea called “Leucate Plage”. Daphnée and I decided to go for what we call a Beach-Day. Well, we didn’t prepare much actually. We went to a “Carrefour … More Leucate Beach


Stirling, a small historical city in the centre of Scotland, widely famous for its medieval old town and its large fortress. Honestly saying, I’ve never heard of this city before going to Scotland, but things happen you know. So, as part of “I have to visit everything here before leaving” strategy, I found 2 friends … More Stirling

Alnwick Castle

We all, old and young, have watched Harry Potter’s first and second movies but do you really want to live it? Then pack your things and allons-y to Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England where our story for today starts. This castle is fairly known has Hogwarts for the first 2 movies of Harry Potter film-series. If … More Alnwick Castle